Brad will have to limit playing time whole career

The defender of Washington Bradley Beal because of an injury will not be able to help at full power to the team on a game anymore.

Beal since December 11 was in infirmary of Washington because of stressful reaction in a low-tibial bone of the right foot. It the fourth year of problems of the 22-year-old player with a bone which is constantly injured in different places.

Now the defender started working out and again will be able to participate in official games. However, according to Beal, because of problems with a foot the trainer will be forced to limit the player’s time on the court. Thus, it is probable that such situation will remain until the end of career of the basketball player.

“It is all about the work of my organism which does not want me to listen therefore restriction of time will help to care better of the state and to continue career, after all problems will appear every year” – the player told.

In the current season, Bradley Beal won back 17 games, gathering on average for game 19,8 points, 4,8 rebounds and 3,2 assists.