Perfect slam-dunk technique

dunkIf you already trained everything above-mentioned technicians of throws and are eager for something more abrupt, that time to address, perhaps, to the most spectacular, but at the same time and to the most difficult way to strike the opponent’s ring – a slam-dunk. Millions of fans of basketball worldwide every time come to a condition of full ecstasy when see professionally made and beautiful slam from above. Want to be the same cool executor of this element that rivals on a platform were afraid of you, and the girls who are among the audience went from your person crazy? Then the following description of technique of a throw from above will help you to achieve it.

Correct slam-dank begins with that, as it is bright from three steps – from running start. Take the allowed two steps, conducting a ball a hand and operating the approach. Jump from the leading foot, opposite to the beating hand, extend a hand towards a ring and throw a ball into a grid. For a start try to make a throw one hand as the two-handled tank demands higher jump. Trainers recommend to start training to the technician of a throw from above with smaller ball as it is a little easier to control it.

Also, there is very important point with a landing. It is necessary to do it with a support on both feet, softening and bending them at the time of a touch to a platform. Experts extremely do not advise beginners to mow under NBA stars, hanging after execution of a throw on a handle of a ring as at this moment at you balancing can be broken and to you will seem that you fall back.

Actually, it also is a little basic the technician of throws in basketball by means of which 90% of balls are thrown. Now your task, dear fans of this beautiful view of sport – to train them that at your rivals was not uniform chance of a victory! Keep up with your progress!