Perfecting your jump shot from distance

In general, the basic technique of a shooting against your opponent in basketball is known as jump shot. As a rule, this way players try to hit the target from distance. This type of a throw can be divided into three stages conditionally. At first you have to get the ball in the movement. Having caught it, you take a short by step left, in passing, putting the right. Then you take out the right hand (if you the right-handed player) a ball over the head, holding it sideways left. Carry out pushing away from the ground in both feet. The equipment of the throw is similar to technology of performance of a penalty: at a ball release from hands clean left, and fingers of the right palm give to a shell the return rotation. In a closing stage, it is necessary to track that the distance between points of pushing away and a landing was approximately equal to 20-30 centimeters not to face the player of the defending team.

In the mean time you can also watch video where Brad tells the story of how he developed his shoot:

Follow what is told in the video above to make your shooting skills better.