Advantages of playing basketball for everyone

Why basketball?

People who want to strengthen the health useful workouts should pay attention to basketball. Today the section of basketball is one of the most fascinating and available to people., who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Ball game simple at first sight is capable to draw for a long-time attention of many audience and athletes.

However not unimportant is a question: what useful to health this game brings and why basketball?

basketball ball

Drills and tactics

Process of playing basketball is sated with a large number of special receptions of the demanding technical and tactical skills, and the arising spirit of rivalry provides rough interest to participants of a match. In the course of the game the person needs to use various groups of muscles for implementation of difficult maneuverable movements, run and high jumps that provides all-round development of the athlete.

Dynamic process of a game forces players to use reasonably the forces, constantly changing the level of the activity.

MJ magic moment

To reach advantage over the rival it is necessary to accelerate at the right time run or to make rapid and sharp movement with a ball by means of specific jumps and throws. All techniques of basketball perfectly develop reflexes and support body muscles in a tone. Constantly changing course of a match motivates the athlete to make the intense movements approximately in number of 40% of the general time of a competition. Today, for only one competition, the player runs about 7 kilometers, plus at the same time making various jumps, also other technical movements are bright.

Modern basketball a game quite unpredictable therefore all athletes need to improve constantly various abilities, movements, skills of ball handling and to master game tactics. Numerous workouts as working off of special movements bring a huge contribution to development of the general physical training of the person, and together with it strengthen health.


Stamina and organism

Effective workout with basketball creates favorable conditions not only for development of physical force of the athlete. Playing with a ball, the person perfectly develops the coordination in the course of physical activity, and also becomes more hardy after the long workouts of the respiratory device during the sharp tension, throws, jumps, jogs and movements. The movements in basketball force an organism, during the game to work well-coordinated as hours therefore bodies of internal secretion and a gastrointestinal tract come under beneficial effect.

Nerves system

The nervous system is exposed to certain work loads and development due to constant control of activity of bodies. The person playing basketball improves the peripheral sight, and it is the big plus exerting considerable impact on efficiency of visual perception.

nerves system

Researches showed that today regular workouts with basketball increase sensitivity of visual perception of light impulses on average by 40%. Higher and higher told shows on how many the basketball for children will become useful.

Form and footwear

First of all, it is necessary to take care of the easy sportswear which is not constraining the movement. It has to be made of materials which will pass air in cases of plentiful sweating. Today qualitative sports shoes will help to keep safety of foot and a shin during sharp movements and high jumps at throws and selections.

The place for workouts

There are also external factors which do not depend on the player, but can result in injury during the workouts.

For example: where to play basketball? It is most of all recommended to play basketball in gyms with a plain surface and using indoor basketballs would be recommended as it will improve the quality of workouts and you will better understand your weaknesses and skills where you are strong, also find holes in your game you need to improve. With various roughnesses even of the small size at many players, the chance of injury in the form of stretchings, dislocations and bruises considerably increases. Under risk there are athletes who strongly are fond of a game, neglecting bases of safety of difficult technical movements. Best of all sports shoes on a rubber basis without heels are suitable for modern basketball, it perfectly absorbs physical activity of foot and keeps high mobility and maneuverability during the match.

Constant growth

The beneficial effect on health of the player is followed by development of steady mentality and strong-willed character of the athlete. Team game improves initiative and skill to communicate of the personality, develops tactics of actions on the way to the purpose, and dynamic process of a competition motivates to search of creative decisions in difficult situations.

Perfecting your jump shot from distance

In general, the basic technique of a shooting against your opponent in basketball is known as jump shot. As a rule, this way players try to hit the target from distance. This type of a throw can be divided into three stages conditionally. At first you have to get the ball in the movement. Having caught it, you take a short by step left, in passing, putting the right. Then you take out the right hand (if you the right-handed player) a ball over the head, holding it sideways left. Carry out pushing away from the ground in both feet. The equipment of the throw is similar to technology of performance of a penalty: at a ball release from hands clean left, and fingers of the right palm give to a shell the return rotation. In a closing stage, it is necessary to track that the distance between points of pushing away and a landing was approximately equal to 20-30 centimeters not to face the player of the defending team.

In the mean time you can also watch video where Brad tells the story of how he developed his shoot:

Follow what is told in the video above to make your shooting skills better.

Perfect slam-dunk technique

dunkIf you already trained everything above-mentioned technicians of throws and are eager for something more abrupt, that time to address, perhaps, to the most spectacular, but at the same time and to the most difficult way to strike the opponent’s ring – a slam-dunk. Millions of fans of basketball worldwide every time come to a condition of full ecstasy when see professionally made and beautiful slam from above. Want to be the same cool executor of this element that rivals on a platform were afraid of you, and the girls who are among the audience went from your person crazy? Then the following description of technique of a throw from above will help you to achieve it.

Correct slam-dank begins with that, as it is bright from three steps – from running start. Take the allowed two steps, conducting a ball a hand and operating the approach. Jump from the leading foot, opposite to the beating hand, extend a hand towards a ring and throw a ball into a grid. For a start try to make a throw one hand as the two-handled tank demands higher jump. Trainers recommend to start training to the technician of a throw from above with smaller ball as it is a little easier to control it.

Also, there is very important point with a landing. It is necessary to do it with a support on both feet, softening and bending them at the time of a touch to a platform. Experts extremely do not advise beginners to mow under NBA stars, hanging after execution of a throw on a handle of a ring as at this moment at you balancing can be broken and to you will seem that you fall back.

Actually, it also is a little basic the technician of throws in basketball by means of which 90% of balls are thrown. Now your task, dear fans of this beautiful view of sport – to train them that at your rivals was not uniform chance of a victory! Keep up with your progress!